Thursday, 14 June 2012


George Lincoln Walton reported in 1908 

“Medical instructors are continually consulted by students who fear that they have the diseases they are studying”.
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Hypochodriasis | PERUBATAN | Cawangan Iskandariah

Monday, 11 June 2012


so today im going to share something that i got from the talk that i went yesterday(as seen in the poster)..
the talk was supposed to be motivating and guess WHAT?? it was more than motivating. it was mesmerizing..he placed everything in a different perspective..e.g. our whole presence yesterday might be of significant to a person only and that Allah arranged all of it yesterday to give a lesson to that someone. And he said to apply that to each of us that was there yesterday..

This sir Idris tawfiq was down right humble in a sense that he told us that we were better than him because we have lived our whole lives as a muslim while he had just only been one for the past 10 years or so..imagine that!! when knowing the fact that he is the one who travels all over the world giving speeches and workshops about islam. He calls to Islam more than we ourselves-the born muslim- had ever imagined to call!! And he still claimed that we are better than him. May Allah reward all his actions merrily.

I'd like to quote something that he said, "I am too busy keeping myself away of the Fire(Nar) to be judging about others."
The quote shows that we should not judge others blindly. In fact we should totally not judge anyone badly. On the other hand we should always judge and think good of people. I think we should try to erase this sentiment from ourselves(especially in the malaysian community and no i'm not racist here but it's the truth=) ) in order to become a better muslim.

And so that's it..Hope it could be something interesting and useful to read..
Last words,he said that muslim communities are lacking prayers.Now,that is something to ponder upon ain't it?..May Allah guide Sir Idris Tawfiq and all of us to His righteous  path..=)